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This was a lighthearted one day pop-up event aimed at poking fun at the day to day life at UAL. It was our last day at Wimbledon before summer break and we were decompressing. 

We were split into six groups. My group decided on an Instagram takeover. We could not actually take over the existing UAL Instagram site however because it was final show time, so we made an alternative page, @mfafineart2021. This allowed us to perhaps be more anarchic  in our choice of images, Keeping up with (the Kardashians) @mfafineart2021.


The other part of our pop-up consisted of  Fake News posters and flyers which were posted on noticeboards and laid out in several locations on the University campus, including the Reception area.

In the final phase of the show we all swapped worked produced with each others' teams and altered their existing ideas. The group we swapped with had installed black and white images of eyes watching in strategic places, such as the toilets. We replaced those eye images with graphics of Donald Trump's eyes, using colour prints to differentiate our edit from the original installation.

IMG_7289 2_edited.jpg
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