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Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood is a quilt portrait of all human life, which addresses some of the factors that embody

being human. Adapted from the wedding ring quilt pattern to form an XX XY repeat as in

chromosome letters, it is formed of multiple images depicting mixed-race couples from as far back in

history as are documented by images.

The quilted stitches join the three layers of fabric and padding together. A DNA double helix pattern

is stitched in red across the chromosome letters. Some of these threads are left hanging, suggesting

blood veins. Black and white fabric ovals stitched between the letters resemble the vulva. A

combination of sperm and egg stitched images are quilted onto these shapes.

The quilts’ cut-out shape suggests drying animal hide. Held 14cm away from the wall by test-tube

clamps, this allows the red fabric (our mortal underbelly) to reflect onto the wall behind.

patchwork and appliqué quilt

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