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Xhibit 2020 Arts Student Union

This Exhibition has been yet another victim of the Corona Virus. Due to begin in April 2020 it has now been postponed until London is considered safe again. It is planned to be rescheduled as soon as possible. The show offered us the chance to exhibit our work at the APT Gallery in Deptford and included a colour catalogue of our work.  There were various events planned leading up to and during the show itself, apart from the seminar that took place before the end of last term; everything is postponed indefinitely. 

In an attempt to maintain a profile in preparation for the now delayed show, we were invited to take over the Artssulondon Instagram feed for a day. Dates were spread  over the Spring holiday and through to early part of the Summer term.

The format on Instagram being square, it is not sympathetic to a long thin project. To make the most of this platform I chose to make a time-lapse video, as I was still in the process of making the second and third side to my final artwork. This featured along with a short introduction to myself and my practice, why I was taking over the Instagram site and some other photographs of my work in progress.

One positive note to to emerge from this delay is that when the show commences, my contribution will now be the full triple-sided installation that I have been developing for the MFA show.

Woman's Work  the original quilt panel 
                          accepted to the show                                       
A photograph included in my Instagram Feed
My Instagram Takeover 
short time lapse film
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