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The Corridor Exhibition 6th - 12th February 2019

A four-artists collaboration


Being a long, narrow space with strip lighting along the ceiling down the middle, the space evoked the feeling of a church aisle. From this it was an easy leap to use transparent colour that allowed light to filter through like sunlight through stained glass.  

We first tried tissue paper, but this is expensive and was not clear enough to allow the colour to glow as much as we had envisaged. We discovered rolls of coloured cellophane and after several experiments we settled on this. Mindful of health and safety, we ensured that they were draped quite a distance from the light source. We also discussed different ways to hang the cellophane. We decided to keep it simple because the colour was doing the work for us.

One unforeseen bonus was the nature of the cellophane: whenever the air was disturbed as someone walked underneath, the installation fluttered and waved, causing the colour to shimmer. 

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