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Our memory plays tricks on us – it is intangible. As time advances, our memories become glimpses of the truth, fuzzy details that are impossible to accurately pin down. 

I am looking at the paradox time causes; the ambiguity of our memories and the way in which we perceive them to be true. I am also interested in the growth that comes with life experiences, but simultaneously the loss of youth. 


My earliest memories have been kept alive by countless photographs, home movies and letters. Consequently, as time goes by, these merge and muddle together. When reviewing the past in relation to the present, it is easy to see how our lives and relationships have truly changed through time


The choices we all make throughout our lives shape our future but, at the same time, it is difficult to have accurate memories of past events and people once known.


Aided by treasured photographs and home movies, I look back to the roads I once travelled. They help me recognise how unaware and innocent we all are to radical life changing effects generated  by the decisions we make. Transformation inevitably occurs when life and experience educate us. 

With my current paintings, I am exploring this uncertainty and the difficulty we have in trusting our memories. In combining several snapshots taken from my past, I seek to review how I had remembered them, and to emulate the hazy dreamlike quality that comes with our reminiscences.

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