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Gerhard Richter

Richter's early figurative work are my primary interest. His blurred and ghostly images are intangible and eerie, as if only a memory.

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Barbara Ess

With the use of a pinhole camera, Ess creates mysterious, haunting images. The shadow around the pinhole highlights the strangeness of the photograph.

Walter Sickert

The sense drama Sickert generates with his use of light and dark and his restraint in the placement of paint is of principal importance to me. More than his subject matter, it is that which creates the Mysterious narrative in his work.

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Judith Eisler

Eisler's work is sourced from films, she searches images that cannot be easily identified to any movie and creates her own narrative with it. 

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Jean-Paul Sartre               


Simone de Beauvoir

Their existentialist theory sits well with me, especially when I consider my  research question. I do feel that on the whole we have free choice and I am interested in what we choose and where that choice takes us.

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