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The tapestry of life is woven with many threads and is the fusion of heredity, intention and chance...

The traces of who we are combine both nature and nurture, and throughout our time on this planet, we are moulded by the present as well as our past.  Through my work, I scrutinise our humanity, heredity and the stratum of conscious and subconscious memory. I investigate the elements of our lives that might be predetermined, the things that are freely chosen and those that happen to us by chance.

Quilts are often associated with the warmth and shelter, sometimes as an heirloom linking together memories in an emotive glimpse of a long-forgotten time. I use this as a metaphorical cornerstone into which I can weave the suggestion of the body’s fragility and mortality, entwined with concepts such as emotion and hope. I seek to untangle the intricate web that we weave in order to cocoon ourselves as we navigate our way through the diverse – and often unexpected – odyssey of life.

Constructed piece by piece, weaving shapes, colour and texture, my quilts develop their narrative as a symbolic thread of connections with family, community and the challenges that intersect and overlay, forming the essence of life as a human being. I select iconography to illuminate the narrative, and layer by layer, assembling each quilt using a combination of fabric, pattern, diagrammatical images, stitching, décollage fabric photographs and biomorphic interpretation based on the limitations imposed by the shape of the quilt pieces. In combining all these diverse components, I gradually assemble a fabric impasto chronicle.


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